essential rewards

Essential Rewards is a completely customizable, monthly wellness box that ships straight to your door! You can edit your monthly order, choose the day it ships, change your shipping method, all right from your member account in the Virtual Office!

transfer buying

Okay we get it, you might be thinking, I don’t have an extra $50-100 in my budget right now, and we thought the same thing!! We are already buying toothpaste, laundry soap, vitamins, gifts etc. elsewhere but we aren’t receiving money back, free products, or the therapeutic benefits of the best essential oils!

Can you imagine if Target gave us loyal monthly shoppers free products AND 25% back in dollars to buy whatever else we needed!? Transfer your grocery budget over to Essential Rewards! You earn points back on every purchase, snag free oils and products, and kick the toxins from your home! Win-win-win! Plus, no fighting past the dollar spot or going in to buy one thing and ending up with 20 (Target… I still love you!)


Let’s go beyond the starter kits!! I love that YL is a one stop shop! There is SO MUCH Young Living offers!!

  • Slique: plant-based supplements, drinks, and more

  • Savvy Minerals: non-toxic mineral makeup

  • Seedlings: a line of products just for our littles

  • KidScents: oils, products, supplements for kiddos

  • Thieves: hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap

  • Curated collections: bundled for steeper discounts

  • Personal Care: Satin Scrubs, ART skincare, Shutran soaps, Mirah line

Everything is essential oil based and totally safe for you and your family!


Wondering which products I can’t get enough of? Look no further, I’ve made a (not-so) quick list!

Oils: Valor, Progessence Plus, Endoflex, Deep Relief, Breath Again, Live your Passion, Release
Supplements: Ningxia, Sulfurzyme, Life9, Inner Defense, Super C

Supplements for Kiddos: MightyPro, Mightyvites
Around The House: Hand Purifier, Laundry Soap, House Cleaner… all the thieves!
My Littles: Seedlings diaper cream and baby oil, Gentle Baby, kidscents shampoo, bath gel, lotion, toothpaste, all the kidscents oils…but especially Tummygize, Sleepyize, Snifflease, and Owie, Tender Tush.
Diffuser: Desert Mist, Aria, and Lantern, Rainstone
Snacks: Einkorn Granola, Einkorn Cereal, Wolfberry Bars, Slique Tea
Savvy: Foundation, Eyeshadows, Hydrating Primer, Diamond Veil, Misting Spray, Smashing Blush, Multitasker.
Skin: Sheerlume or Intensive Moisturizer, Mirah Cleansing Oil, Acne Treatment


Ready to jump in? Let’s do it!

1. Login to your account (hey bookmark it while you are at it!), and click on the “Essential Rewards” in the virtual office navigation on the left.

2. Click Join Now! (Once you are on the Essential Rewards screen!)

3. Choose the products you want in your first order! Make sure it adds up to at least 50PV. If you want to snag the free promos, keep adding until 100pv, 190pv, 250pv, or 300pv. You’ll see the promos added to your “Monthly Order Summary” at the bottom!

4. Click “Save Monthly Order”

5. Double check your shipping address, choose your shipping method and hit “Next Step”

6. Choose Your Processing Day. You can change this in the future if you ever want to!

7. Setup your Payment Options and click Save Changes!

8. Add your processing day to your calendar with a reminder notification to update your order for the next month!


Another perk for Essential Rewards members, we can now upgrade shipping!! Have you been looking for the Amazon Prime of wellness and essential oils??? THIS IS IT. It's here!!!

  • 24 hour order processing

  • 2-4 DAY SHIPPING!!!

  • Overnight shipping $10 per order


13 ER SHIPMENTS, $59 per year


36 SHIPMENTS for $129 per year
+ 12 ER shipments
+ 24 Quick order shipments

Grab product on sales, redeem those ER points, drop ship a gift to a friend!!