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Our community has a lot of facebook groups, giveaways, sales, resources, and classes. I hope this little round-up is a helpful way to tap into all the resources available to you through our community and an encouragement for your wellness journey!!

πŸ’• Sensationβ„’ essential oil blend is your Valentine’s Day friend! Try wearing it as a perfume, diffusing it, or adding it to your linen spray to energize and enhance your evening or for a boost of confidence. Sensation is also great to support the appearance of healthy skin! Try adding it to your favorite moisturizer.

πŸ’• Sensation is a blend of: Coriander, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Jasmine, Geranium

πŸ’• In addition to getting sensation for FREE, you’ll also earn yourself a $100 thank you check from YL just for hookin up a couple of loved ones with their very own Premium Starter Kit! Just make sure you place a 50pv order this month so you qualify for your check 



One of the best way to try new, FREE products is through the amazing promos Young Living offers! Every month Young Living throws in goodies with seasonal needs in mind. Read more about February Promos here!


It’s the month of LOVE and Ashley is giving away a Feelings Kit this February!! 


If you’re not there already, jump into our Sweet Oil Social facebook group.

1. If you join Essential Rewards for the first time this month + process your ER order. (1 entry)

2. If you enroll/refer a new member!! (1 entry for each new member)

3. A random person who has been engaging by commenting on posts in THIS group from the month!! (All comments count as entries.)

Make sure to comment on THIS post if you qualify for any of the entries!!!

*You do not have to fill out a form, we will be able to select directly from this group!! EASY!!!

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If you're a part of this community, you most likely started your journey with a PSK. Did you know that you can, at any time, quick order another one!?

This is the ONLY way I buy a new diffuser cause I get those 12 amazing oils for a STEAL when buying them in the kit vs. purchasing a diffuser and each of those oils individually!!! VALOR AND PEACE & CALMING, literally our 2 most POPULAR AND BELOVED oils!!

Roll this beauty on throughout your day...take a moment to RESET! Our bravery oil. Our courage oil. Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude, and to refocus at the end of a challenging day.

The name literally says it all. Encourages deep relaxation. Great support in your bedtime routines or to support overactive children. Quieting the mind. Shopping time, driving time, stressing time. Pets, kids, young, and old can benefit from its soothing power!

Grab your YL link and share with those friends that have been eyeing your oils!!

happy mail

Essential Rewards is a completely customizable. You can edit your monthly order, choose the day it ships, change your shipping method, all right from your member account in the Virtual Office! ....safe, clean, amazing, AND convenient to your doorstep!! That’s why we call it happy mail!!

To learn about Essential Rewards and YL GO (discounted shipping!) read through this here! 

Getting Started

I’ve been working on an archive of team classes and education!! My hope is this makes resources easy to find for members not on facebook and helps you get to know our amazing community and leadership!! Tap on the image and scroll through each class at your leisure πŸ’•

CLASS PASSWORDS : teamresources


Want great wellness education right your messages?? We are bringing you text classes!! We are so excited for this! **

+ Text CLASSES to (469) 294-1574 to receive text notifications when a new text class is available

+ Text HABITS to (469) 294-1574 to receive a 5-day text series on healthy habits!

* These are available for our US members only

Want to know our current favorite diffuser blend that is so dreamy and whimsical just like walking through the doors of our beloved Anthropologie?!?!

Drop this into your diffuser and lay down on a fluffy bed of roses!!

+2 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
+4 drops Grapefruit
+1 drop Geranium
+4 drops Orange

Click through for more favorite diffuser blend ideas and combinations!!


Click on the book for more details!


I started oils looking for a healthy solution for our family’s skin and immune system woes, but found so much more thanks to our wonderful community!! If you ever have questions email me or your sponsor so we can help you find answers!

xoxo - Bethany