Unplugged Retreat


There is something about living as a nomad - even if only for an evening or two!! These are some planning tips for a simple camping getaway.


Camp some where close to home or even your backyard! Keep your focus on the purpose of getting away, unplugging and getting outside! It's easy to unplug and getaway when you have minimal planning to do.

plan ahead

Check your first aid kit in your car! We keep a pouch of extra insect repellent, toilet paper, rope, after-sun spray, trash bags, small sewing kit, and sunscreen so it's easy to throw in the car and ready to go for an impromptu getaway.

easy shelter

My husband, brother-in-law, and dad have all taken to simply using an eno hammock & maybe a blanket for shelter! This is great solution for adults. You could also do car camping. If you want to pack a tent make sure it's easy to set up and you'll want to pack sleeping bags and ground pads for anyone sleeping on the ground.

pack light

Consider hard what you can do without. Pick a comfy outfit that you can easily be active AND sleep in. Being able to wear one change of clothes and not fussing over shower supplies makes it so easy! We love that we can bring baby wipes and use them for freshening up, wiping faces, and of course for baby bottoms too.  

easy meals

Campfire breakfast. We like chopping up apples, onions, sweet potatoes, cheese if you like, with sausage and a little coconut butter. For super easy we chop it up and season it so it's ready to go for dinner or breakfast, just throw it in the cast iron. Add in eggs at the last minute for a final touch.

A liter bottle of pancake batter, pan and spatula. You can put this in a cooler if you like. You can add the eggs at the last minute; they’ll be just fine overnight.

Granola bars, Trail mix, Jerky, fruit leather, s’mores stuff make for great camp snacking.


If you are bringing kids in tow:

+ Keep your trip short

+ Eat dinner on the way out

+ Plan on an easy campfire breakfast


Camping takes a lot more planning as you add more people. Just being able to take a stress free evening under the stars will keep it fun for everyone! Depending on your camp grounds and ages you might want to bring a couple favorite things to do like a frisbee, guitar, books, ball, cards, swimsuits, binoculars, guidebooks on flowers or constellations, or bubbles. Remind everyone the less you bring the better!


packing list

  • Wood and lighter
  • Food, spatula, roasting sticks or knife for cutting roasting sticks 
  • A full water bottle, plate, and silverware for each person
  • A backpack for each person: extra socks, a sweatshirt, a book...
  • Mouth Wash
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
Bethany Barkey