Rhythm for Littles

Let's start out with some honesty, this little trick isn't just for littles! Parents need the stability too! There is some comfort in knowing exactly what the plan is for the day and it's one less thing to think about. However, I've never been a stickler for routines!! I love spontaneity and enjoy running to lunch with my husband or taking an extra trip around the block on our morning walk. Some nights I stay up extra late getting work done. And other nights I turn in early for my sanity. Ruby loves routines and she loves knowing exactly what we do next, so we do follow a regular routine for the day. Every person - both parents and littles - have different needs! I think as a parent it's good to seek that harmony of having boundaries while respecting and honoring your family's needs. It is a journey and each day is a new day and each season will require tweaking and making changes as you go.

Bookend Routines

We love starting and ending the day pretty much the same way, if it's possible. We start the day with cuddles, breakfast, and after my husband leaves I start laundry and put breakfast away. We brush our teeth and get dressed. Then we take a walk around the block when we head out to check the mail, Ruby plays while I finish getting ready. That is the official beginning of our day.

At night we usually squeeze in another walk before Adam gets home, fix dinner, rotate laundry and clean-up. Then we brush our teeth, put on our jammies and oils and read a couple of our favorite books.   

Pillar Activities

Each week I have been trying to make a habit of mixing up fun and getting things done. I came across some Waldorf inspired blogs about routine and thought it was such a great way to help Ruby learn the days and help me work on giving some consistency while still being super flexible. We also very loosely meal plan the same thing each week! Ruby is at an age where she naps once a day, but transitioning from one thing to the next takes a long time!! I keep our days realistic but not cramming to much in one day. This same concept would work perfect with more kids, older, younger. Simply Add more "pillars" to your day to meet your family's needs! 

sample routine.jpg
Bethany Barkey