educate, refine and equip you and your brand. 

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Your Brand is much more than a logo.

I will try to word this without to much designer jargon...

Branded is an course that is uniquely designed to educate, refine and equip you and your brand. 

  • Do you need assistance on the branding side of things with your business?
  • You don't have any training or background in design but know your team struggles with brand strategy?
  • Do you need strategies on moving forward?
  • How about brand confidence? How about excitement?


It's time to get branded. 


+ Learn the basics of type voice. 

+ With class feedback and my mentoring create and critique a logotype for your brand.

+ Learn how to apply your logo with intention and keep it sacred. 

Graphic standards.

+ Branding Workbook for a deeper look at how to visually communicate your brand.

+ You will learn why graphic standards are so important. How they save you your time! Make you MONEY.

+ With class feedback and my mentoring, you will select two type families for your graphic standards that will give you a variety of options. And that will work impeccable for headers and body copy.

+ Learn how to select and apply a color palette with a strong variety in color values.

+ Branding Board 

Business cards. 

+ Customize with your graphic standards, logotype, content.

+ Learn how to send to print!

Social Media.

+ Learn which platforms work good for your brand.

+ Customize graphics for a profile makeover.

+ Learn how to track engagement using bitly.

+ Gain confidence of implementing your brand daily with consistency and flexibility!

+ Social Media Catapult Kit!