JULY 2019!

Who is coming to convention?!!

If you have never been to Convention, GO! 


I got to to go to the Lavender fields and experience first hand the distillation process, bottling, seal and labeling of bottles. It was incredible. The Ningxia snow cones, the lavender/peppermint ice-cream, the smell of Juniper being distilled, the lavender lemonade, Mary's singing of the national anthem, buying all the gear, access to buying all the products, all of it was a total dream. When you go to plant lavender you are handed a fairly small lavender plant. The workers are close by and patch up any work that needs patching. Talk about an amazing, emotional, exhilarating, inspiring, challenging week.


It takes investment, it requires sacrifice. It will demand that you Valor up + set aside some of those pesky fears of crowds or meeting new people.

I attended 2017 convention ALL. BY. MY. SELF. No regrets.

The lady that booked the hotel room for us bailed last minute (LITERALLY THE NIGHT BEFORE) making our already expensive room…more expensive. My husband did not want me to go at this point. Last minute changes STRESS him out, but he knew I needed to go. My other roomie, whom I had never met before— promised to show up and praises, she did!! The amaaazing Cultivate Collective ladies befriended me + let me tag along with their team all week. I had to learn. I had to make this business work + it needed to work yesterday.


How much do you need this to work??? This is the one investment that will ROCK your growth. Inspire your longevity. You will leave knowing…truly, ANYONE can do this business. It’s not a race. And it’s never too late to get started. You will leave encouraged and your cup filled!!

At the end of the day, here's the truth. We can ALL find a reason why we can't get to convention. None of us having heaps of money lying around in the scrap pile or endless supply of time to twiddle our thumbs the entire month of June. We're all busy + we're all working to get by. If you HAVE to have this business pay you that professional level of income to pay off your student loans or bring you home from a job you hate or fund those huge dreams or even to purchase those healthy groceries for your family, you HAVE to get to convention. 

Zero excuses, zero complaints, zero.


Q. Do we have a Facebook Group/Place to connect so I know when things are happening? A. YES! This is a great place to ask questions and check in for all.the.things!

Q. How Do I Follow Along?? A. Our leaders consistently update our business groups with Live Videos, Posts, Info & More. Make sure you and your leaders are our business groups to catch the fun live! You never know who or what will be lined up! There is also a large convention group- join so you can see all the action happening there also!

Q. Will I be able to purchase new Convention products and bring them home? A. Yes, you will be able to purchase new products! Members will only be able to purchase new products as a Quick Order.

Q. Will I be able to use ER points? A. No

Q. Will I be able to order new Convention products on my ER? A. No. Members will be able to add these to their ER orders on 7/1.

Q. If I'm not attending Convention, when will I be able to purchase new products? A. Members will only be able to purchase new products as a Quick Order until 7/1. Then items can be placed in ER orders.