How can I get my pictures printed?

I will actually do this FOR YOU! You're welcome! Let me know specifics of what you need and I can get a more specific price.


Postcard Pack (20) // $35

5x7 Greeting CARD // STARTING AT $1.30 EACH

Books and Albums


8.5x8.5” //  40 pages (20 spreads) // 100% recycled interior matte pages.


8.5x8.5” // 50 pages (25 spreads) // Classic appeal and archival quality.



Available in 8x10” up to 40x60” // Quality giclée prints on archival fine art paper. 


Choose your frame style, size, color. 

SQUARE  20 x 20, 24 x 24, 30 x 30”  

PORTRAIT 16 x 20, 20 x 30, 30 x 40”  

LANDSCAPE 20 x 16, 30 x 20, 40 x 30” 

WRAPPED CANVAS 16x20, 20x30,  24x36  


Who is your client?

My client is someone who is looking to have a good time all in the process of getting wonderful images. If you’re interested in having your story told. You want an actual friendship with your photographer. You want the whole story. You don't simply want another vendor. I make my best work when we are friends and you are comfortable with me joining you for the day!

I'm Awkward!

Do not fret. I talk a ton, I tell you exactly what I want and I know what I want…which is for you to be YOU.  You won't feel posed - you'll be interacting and having fun. It's the little glances and silly laughs that I LOVE most. It is crucial you are comfortable. I will get you moving and talking and laughing. I just want people to be themselves on a shoot, trust me, and have an incredible good time.

Do you travel?

Travel is what started my career and continues to be an area of inspiration for my work. Getting my feet on new soil, does an incredible thing for my spirit and images. I’ll travel for pretty much any type of work. I generally need a flight, accommodation and a rental car. If you want me in your town, its pretty likely I’d love to make it happen.

Do you do weddings?

I look to take on work that inspires me. That brings me a crazed sense of fulfillment. I am drawn to real people. People who know that photography is about telling stories. I’m interested in creating amazing art for you….that happens to be on your wedding. I take on a limited number of weddings and I don't feel bad about making sure that the weddings I do document, are ones where I cannot wait to tell their story. Contact me if you want more details!

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