Plant-Based Supplements

If there is a nutritional supplement you are thinking of, and wondering if Young Living has their own version of that supplement, the answer is probably yes. Not only are their supplements top notch, they are all completely plant based, containing no added fillers, preservatives, or unnecessary ingredients. Many chiropractors and health professionals have praised Young Living’s supplements, saying they are by far the best and purest on the market.

Some of Young Living’s most popular supplements include:

  • Ningxia Red (daily antioxidant drink)
  • Slique (products for healthy weight and blood sugar management)
  • Multivitamins (Master Formula, Mineral Essence, Super B, MultiGreens, etc.)
  • Antioxidant Support (Super C, Longevity, OmegaGize)
  • Age-Based Nutrition (FemiGen, PD 80/20, Estro, Prostate Health, MegaCal, BLM)
  • Joint & Mobility (AgilEase, Cool Azul Pain Cream, Super Cal Plus)
  • System Solutions (DetoxZymes, Parafree Softgels, JuvaPower, JuvaTone Tablets, K&B, Allerzyme, Sulferzyme)
  • Targeted Support (ComforTone, Digest & Cleanse, Essentialzymes, Life 9 Probiotic, Alkalime, AminoWise, PowerGize, MindWise, Thyromin, Sulfurzyme)

The variety and selection of supplements seems almost endless, yet it makes it so easy to switch from your conventional supplements to something that is plant based, infused with essential oils, and much more effective for your body and overall wellness. There is a Premium Starter Kit with Ningxia Red, start there and if you need help selecting a few supplements to your first Essential Rewards order let me know!


Membership (24% Off Retail)

Kit includes:

- NingXia Red 2 pack

- (30) NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. oz. ea.)

- NingXia Nitro

- Learning resources

- and more!

Bethany Barkey