How to Save Peonies

Friends this is why you neeeever walk past the discounted peonies!!!! So I actually had started working over two of the stems on the picture on the left. They all looked browned and rough at first and with some extra attention they perked up so nicely!!  Once the other two were looking so nice I decided I should share in case any friends spot a discounted bouquet  Here's what I did:

1. Cut at least 1/2" - 1" off each stem at a diagonal with sharp shears.

2. Put them in cool water and added a drop of purification eo.

3. Took off any foliage that will be under water. But if you want your buds to open faster pull off as much foliage as possible.

4. Helped the petals that want to fall off, all the dried up petals came off easily.

5. With peonies the warmer and brighter space they are in, the faster they open! I put mine in the sun right after I groomed them up just to help them get started. Now, I will keep them in a cooler spot and the darker side of the room so they last longer!!

Also, These are thirsty flowers, make sure they get new water each morning or night and recut the stems every couple of days 

Bethany Barkey