Oil-Infused Ornaments

There is nothing so fun as creating some fun holiday traditions that can get the whole family involved!! Here is an awesome DIY tutorial on making your own ornaments infused with your favorite essential oils!!

Here are the supplies you need:
+ Terra-cotta air dry clay (you can get it at any craft store, or on amazon!)
+ Parchment paper
+ Rolling pin
+ Holiday cookie cutters
+ Stamps for ceramics or clay
+ Bamboo skewer
+ Ribbon, twine, or other decorative string
+ Essential oils of your choice—Christmas Spirit, Cinnamon Bark, Frankincense, Pine, Clove, and Orange are great holiday oils!

Spread out a length of the parchment paper
Roll the clay out until you’re satisfied with the thickness: we recommend 1/3 inch or thicker. 
Cut the clay with cookie cutters
Use stamps to make designs and oil wells in the ornaments
Use the skewer to carefully poke holes through the ornaments to thread ribbon for hanging.
Let the ornaments air dry for 48 hours.

Thread the ribbon through the hole, and add essential oil to the wells and allow it to soak in, and then hang! Festive, fun, and smells so good!!!

Bethany BarkeyHolidays