Seedlings for Babies

There is nothing more important and precious to us that our babies and children. We cannot control everything that happens in our children’s lives, but we can control what kind of products we expose them to! The Seedlings line, made for infants and toddlers, contains products that are specially designed for the health, comfort, and support for our babies. They contain zero harsh toxins! 

The seedlings line features the "CALM BLEND" designed specifically for keeping the littlest and their parents soothed and relaxed! Calm Essential Oil Blend is a combo of lavender, bergamot, coriander, geranium, ylang ylang.

Babies are not small adults, their skin is much thinner and they absorb everything so much faster!! With Seedlings line we no longer have to sift through the massive amount of questionable products, no more talc, or "secret trade" ingredients or fragrances!!

+ BABY WASH. Yay for tear-free baby wash and shampoo all in one product!! Young Living Seedlings™ Baby Wash & Shampoo is formulated specially for infants’ delicate skin. Its mild, gentle formula is tear-free, sulfate-free, and made from 100 percent plant-based, naturally derived ingredients. It leaves skin and hair clean, soft, and smooth and makes tangles easy to comb out. 

+ BABY WIPES. That are also amazing makeup remover wipes - what?? These gentle baby wipes can be used on any part of your infant’s skin. Soft, thick, and versatile, these wipes can handle a diaper change or a lunchtime cleanup. Vegan friendly, this mild and gentle formula contains cleansing botanicals and favorite calm blend to benefit baby, mama, and daddy too! 100 percent pure essential oils and is specially formulated to minimize the risk of common allergic reactions.

+ BABY OIL. The ingredients are 100 percent plant-based and naturally derived to create a baby oil that will moisturize, soothe, and nourish your baby’s skin without the use of mineral oil.

+ DIAPER RASH CREAM. Oh yes!! This is an over the counter medicine -- huge deal! Keep little bottoms comfortable without using harsh chemicals that could irritate and definitely absorb into your babies skin. This thick, Lavender-scented cream reduces the duration and severity of diaper rash when applied at the first sign of redness. It soothes on contact, protects your baby’s delicate skin, and acts as a physical barrier to wetness.

+ BABY LOTION. Nourish baby’s delicate skin with a lightly scented, plant-based moisturizer that uses pure essential oils for infants in its gentle formula. Combat the effects of dry skin and prevent future dryness with Seedlings™ Baby Lotion. This non-greasy moisturizer supports moisture barrier function and smoothly absorbs into your baby’s delicate skin, leaving it moisturized, soft, and smooth.

While there is not a Premium Starter Kit yet with these products, you can get a Basic membership, and add on any (or all) of the Seedlings or KidScents products to your first order!

Bethany Barkey