Movie Night with Oils


Anyone else ever tried thieves stovetop popcorn?! Ever since I got going with stovetop popcorn I just can't go back to any other kind. If you haven't tried it or thieves stovetop popcorn, you are seriously missing out. I also don't drink pop ever! I loooove water (especially with a couple drops of citrus fresh or Slique essence!) and only branch out for iced tea, sparkling water, homemade lemonade, and coffee. I've started experimenting with Infused La Croix Mixers to make fun little mocktails. Of course I got hooked and then I started adding oils to it for all the added flavor + benefits and it is amaazing for a movie night!!


Add just enough coconut oil to cover your kernels to your hot saucepan, drop in two-three kernels, add your thieves oil. You can either salt to taste for theater style popcorn OR add stevie/maple syrup for to do kettle corn!! Place your lid on top and wait for the your kernels to pop. Once your kernels have popped add 1/4 cup of kernels... Shake your pot just to make sure every kernel stays at the bottom and gets popped!! 


Pour your La Croix into a glass pitcher. Add your favorite frozen fruits + essential oils. My favorite combinations are: frozen raspberry + orange essential oil, frozen cranberries + lemon essential oil, blueberry + slique essence blend, mango + grapefruit essential oil. Top of with slices of lime, lemon, or blood oranges and serve cold!

FoodBethany Barkey