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We have a two year old daughter and my husband works crazy hours. Every family has their own specific needs, but I thought I’d share what we do every day with our oils! We picked Young Living because of their Seed to Seal promise. I love that we can join their harvest and visit their farms!

By implementing oils every day our family has saved hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars and  by investing in protecting and preserving our wellness. We don't have to be medical professionals to make better choices for our family!! Rather than treating symptoms we support our bodies systems in the first place. 


++++ Products

- Adam and Ruby both use Kidscents toothpaste 

- I brush my teeth with the thieves toothpaste with a drop of orange oil

- I use the YL mint deodorant.

- Adam uses YL meadow deodorant.

- YL shampoo/ conditioner, Mirah shave oil, and YL Mint Scrub in the shower.

++++ Supplements

- We love Ningxia first thing. Check out the Ningxia Starter Kit>

- Adam takes Sulphurzyme and Agilease.

- I take Sulphurzyme, Super B, Mindwise.

++++ Morning oils

- Roll Valor on my wrists & Endoflex over my thyroid, Frank + Nutmeg over adrenals.

- Wash my face with water. I roll Progessence Plus on my chin and wrists, or just on my wrists. 

- Throughout the day I use Joy, Stress Away, Valor, Tranquil, Release.

- Adam rolls Shutran on his neck, En-er-gee behind his ears, Awaken on his wrists.

RCFrank before workouts

- Aromasiez or Orthoease Massage Oil after workouts and long days

- Snifflease rolled under our daughter's toes and diluted Thieves on her feet

- Roller with Peace and calming + Frank on our daughter's wrists


++++ Fav diffuser combos:

Frank + RC

Christmas Spirit

Stress Away + Citrus Fresh

RC + Lemon + Thieves after being out and about

Lemon + Peppermint

- When doing the laundry and the dishes we use the Thieves detergent, thieves dish soap. We also clean the house with the thieves cleaner and have multiple spray bottles with it in there that can easily be grabbed.  We also have thieves foaming hand soap at our sinks. I always keep the hand purifier in our bags! Check out the Thieves Starter Kit>

- For afternoon snack Ruby and I will split a smoothies of balance complete or pure protein complete and I will break a capsule of Life 5 in it!

- Love Grapefruit vitality, Peppermint vitality, Citrus fresh vitality, or Slique essence in my water!

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++++Bedtime diffusing

Sacred mountain


Peace and Calming


Vetiver + Lavender

Lavender + Copaiba

++++ Kid's routine

- Bathtime with Kidscents Shampoo, Bath Gel, Lotion.

- Cedarwood + vetiver + peace and calming rolled on her toes

- *Wellness support, whatever is fitting for our day.

- Sacred mountain OR Vetiver + Lavender OR Peace and Calming II in her diffuser.

++++ Night skincare

I remove my make-up with coconut oil. 

Then wash my face with the ART wash.

Frank ( with roller directly on top) on my face and neck

Topped off with Boswellia Wrinkle Cream after I brush my teeth.

++++ Bedtime oils

I do valor on my wrists and tranquil on my toes

Adam does Stress Away on his temples and Cedarwood on his big toes.

*Wellness support, whatever is fitting for our day.

++++ Bedtime supplements

We take Multigreens and Essentialzymes-4 before bed!

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If some one is feeling icky we apply oils much more frequently. It's much better to use a little bit of oils very often, rather than a lot of oils once or twice a day.

- Inner Defense and Super C when we need an extra boost!

- Snifflease on the chest

- Diluted Thieves on the feet

- Tummygize/digize on tummy

Lavender + copaiba roller along the jaw and behind ears

RC + lemon + thieves + frank on the chest or diffused

- We love owie and rose ointment for all the things

Lemon Lavender Peppermint Copaiba roller

- Thieves Infused Cough Drops


As you can see, we use a ton of Young Living products beyond the oils! The value of knowing our products are beyond organic and infused with all the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils, we knew it was a huge priority for us to switch. Oils make me feel like if I don’t know an answer I can find it! Young Living make us feel empowered to find answers. We don’t have to follow some one else’s idea of health care. Health care isn’t one size fits all. I don’t have to follow some one’s orders about their kids. They make me feel so proud of how I can take care of my family. They make me feel SO GOOD.

We did not switch to a chemical free home over night. We took our budget and made it a priority, jumped on essential rewards. Slowly we switched all our products over to Young Living's products! If you only spent 50pv spent per month, after 12 months you would have 97.5 PV=$97.5 in FREE points. With 10% back for the first 3 months, 15% for the next 3 months, and 20% after 6 months on ER!

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