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KIDSCENTS oils!!! Specifically created and pre­diluted for kids! (Every mama said amen) These oils help kids stay on task, soothes sensitive skin, supports healthy skin, calms the body, uplifts the senses, and relaxes the mind and body.  If you’re not sure where to start, grab the kidscents oils!  Their names alone help you to understand how to use each one!

Read through their info to learn more about their uses and where to apply! What is your favorite kidscents oil? Our's is tummygize!!! Ruby loves it and will ask for her tummy oil.


Kid’s Vitamins....What to be aware of!!

Here are some very common ingredients that are found in the top sellers of children's multivitamins.  It’s frustrating when you’re buying something that you think it helping your child only to find out that it can actually be harming them a considerable amount over time. Just of the few ingredients we are concerned about include Aspartame, Sorbitol, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Ferrous Fumarate, you can read more in this article>

KIDSCENTS Multivitamins!!

I’m so so glad they have this option for us mamas!  After reading article after article in the last few years about what is in vitamins, how they don’t work, how toxins from them can be stored in the body and on and on and on...I was so glad that YL had something for us. Ruby is two and I give her one tablet.  The suggested serving is 3 for 6 years old and up. Definitely ask your doctor what they suggest for usage.  You can even bring the bottle in. If your little one has ANY digestive issues at all, I highly suggest starting them out on the mightyzymes!  Enzymes are so crucial to the digestive process and can help in many ways with little tummies! Read through the information in the picture for more on MIghtyVites and MightyZymes!


KIDSCENTS line of products!!

I have loooooved using the kidscents line for my little guy.  Every mama doesn’t have to worry about what is going onto that sweet, sensitive skin and being absorbed into that little body! We have used every single one of these bottles and anytime they come in stock, I’ll grab one or two! Read through each one to see how to use it and when!

Ruby loves the toothpaste and always wants to brush her teeth!  Since she literally eats the stuff, I love that I never have to worry about what is going into his system!

Are you ready to start your journey with Essential Oils?? I would be thrilled to have you on my team. I will be with you every step of the way. The community is one of the most beautiful and unexpected parts for me. My team is truly like a family, learning and educating and working towards wellness together. It's really a gift. We have an amazing supportive system here and you will absolutely fall in love with our community!  SIGN UP HERE >

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