Risks of Using Oils


These little bottles have created a ruckus! Every where you turn you hear amazing wonderful things about oils or things that make you wonder why anyone would put themselves at such risk. 

10 Risks of Using Essential Oils

1. You will need to buy a new bag

It’s true. Your purse you have now won’t be sufficient. You need something that your oils will fit nicely into. I love my bags from some of my favorite etsy shops. I love how easy it is to slip my oils into which ever bag I'm using and take them on the go!

2. You will notice your family is healthier. 

This is a huge risk. I mean waking up in the middle of the night with a child who has ear discomfort can be frustrating. Thankfully, now you will have the answers at your fingertips, and you can run downstairs and grab your Lavender and rub it behind his ears and down his jawline. 

3. Your house will smell better and feel cleaner. 

Throwing away your plugins and candles is scary! DO IT! Those things have chemicals in them and you’re breathing them in ALL.DAY.LONG. Swap them out for diffusers. My daughter doesn't know this, but I sneak sleepy-time oils in our diffuser at dinner-time because I NEED HER TO SLEEP….and she does, thanks to Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Tangerine... all bedtime BFFS. 

4. You will have more energy. 

You might not be bouncing off the walls like you do with your energy drinks, but you also won’t experience that dreadful “caffeine crash.” I love using essential oils for energy. My favorite combination is Peppermint and Orange. I put a drop of each in my hands and rub my hands together and then breathe it in. 

5. Your kids will scream for you to put their diffuser on at night.

So, if you’re like me and on some nights, you just want to throw your kid(s) in bed (literally), then you’re gonna hate this one. EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. You can't forget, you will be held accountable. My daughter is just two and she reminds me if I forget. She must have her diffuser on. I created little mini-monster.

6. You’ll need all the oils. 

Oh you will need them all. You will buy your starter kit and realize you need Gentle Baby, or some Tranquil. Oh yea—everyone does they just don't realize it yet.

7. Guys think they are safe, but they are not. 

When a man goes to a class or an event and sees all the women telling their testimonies and oily stories... at first roll they roll their eyes. And then some one will roll stress away on their neck. Before you know it you have guys have their own story and they'll be recommending oils too. No one is safe from this!!

8. People will actually want to hang out with you. 

Oh you’ll be nicer. You’ll be pleasant to be around. Not only will you smell incredible,but essential oils have such a positive effect on your mood. Essential oils are now known to stimulate the limbic system, which can cause one to reminisce about positive events in their past and that can lead to smiles and laughing. 

9. Everyone will want you to make them a roller-bottle. 

You’ll become the crazy, oil lady…oh yes you will. Just embrace it. When everyone calls into work because their immune system is shot, you will be the next phone call. So, get ready to make samples and roller-bottles for your friends and family. 

10. You will say you don’t want to sell, but then you’ll come crawling to me asking me how to sell because all your friends want to buy the oils.

I don’t want to sell the oils, Bethany. Don’t bother me about that if I purchase a starter kit with you.”

Oh, absolutely. I will leave you alone. The great thing about Young Living is that you don’t have a monthly order. You can just purchase the oils whenever you want and there is no requirement to sell anything. But I’ll be here WHEN you need help sending someone your referral link or when someone at your work won’t leave your office because you have your new diffuser sitting on your desk and they really need to get out and buy their own. 

See, you guys. This is risky. Essential oils are a huge risk.  If you’re willing to take these risks, then click hereto get your essential oil starter kit! 

Are you ready to start your journey with Essential Oils?? I would be thrilled to have you on my team. I will be with you every step of the way. Our team is truly like family, learning and educating and working towards wellness together. We have an amazing supportive system here and you will absolutely fall in love with our community!  SIGN UP HERE >

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