Professional Design Services

I had my own assumptions about network marketing and what MLM meant. It took a huge shift in thinking!!

Think of your traditional brick and mortar business where people aren't afraid of a scheme. Is there a person that assists customers? Is there a manager that helps those employees do their job? Does that person have a boss? And does that boss have an overseeing boss or manager? YES. Absolutely yes. 

The impact of getting a starter kit for our family has grown from being about oils, to being a blessing of community, and now a thriving business.

Our team has a business mentorship, business threads, exclusive education facebook groups, and countless free resources available at your fingertips. Our team is incredibly unique and we would love to link arms leading others to wellness!!

"Average income in America is roughly $58,000 a year. Retiring on that after working for 40 years will give you $1,700 / month in retirement income. With Young Living, just at SILVER level, the average income is $1,700! If you have never taken a look at the abundance side of Young Living... today is a good day to check into it!"  


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Boss Lady

You are your own boss, you control your time and how you spend it. You can hit it hard when you have the time and you can pull back when other priorities need to take the front seat.

Helping Others

With each new member you enroll, you are helping change the lives of a family. As your team grows, you have the opportunity to love, serve, and help hundreds of families on their quest for physical, emotional, and financial wellness. 

Dream Team

By sharing with your friends and family, you develop a team of people you LOVE. The best surprise are the new and rekindled friendships as people say yes to joining your oils journey!


Billion-Dollar Company

Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils since its inception over 20 years ago. They are a billion-dollar product-driven company with a phenomenal compensation plan. 


One of the best perks of this business is the opportunity to travel - from incentives trips across the U.S. and overseas to local educational events. Get ready to pack your bags and embark on an adventure!


You will be challenged and you will grow. You will learn how to work with others and the power of relationships. You will catch the vision and cast a vision. 


1. The cost to begin was just $160!! No yearly fees. I would have used every drop of the oils I purchased regardless.

2. This income is something that is willed to our children. I cannot wait to watch them chase all the dreams and gifts that God has planted in their hearts

3. I run a business that generates more than $120,000 dollars a year. The entire time I am with my children at home, caring for loved ones, at the coffee shop sipping lattes or in my bed. My office is anywhere + everywhere + my hours are as often or as little as I want.

4. I get to help others by sharing our family’s story and personal experience.

5. My work beyond covers our wellness needs.

6. I don’t have a boss. Therefore my days of rushing off to scratch by financially each week are no more. No more early morning alarms, no more scraping ice off frozen cold cars, no more summer afternoons baking in the hot oven of a bus, no more traditional schedules.

7. Every morning we wake up + decide how we want to spend our day. I can work if I want or take a day off without asking for anyone’s permission

8. I get to wake up every day + help friends + my work is HELPING them find freedom + abundance too.

9. My business partner is my Greek-god-of-a-husband + I like building businesses + cute babies with him.  We got married to spend our life together because we like each other. Not just on the weekends.

10. Because we make in one month what used to take an entire year, we get to give away thousands of dollars to people we are about or ministries we are passionate to see grow. We also can purchase good healthy food + I no longer have to fear if the debit card will be declined when I am at the grocery store. You can read more on this from our honeymoon story here

11. I get to watch my friends + their friends + their friends bodies transformed by the power of Gods creation in plants + nature.

12. I have made some of my closest friendships with these women + have found a new level of mentors hip + encouragement that I never knew before

13. I have found freedom in my soul that comes from walking in all the strengths + gifts + passions that God put in my heart when he created me. I have experienced more healing + growth than I have ever in my life

14. I get to see every single month that the mind + intention of our hearts is a powerful thing + we get to witness the miracle that anything is possible